Throughout the world, media and publishing as well as the entertainment industry has been facing some strategic challenges of sustaining as well as growing amidst the evolving demographics of the product distribution which is changing, channels, consumption of content patterns and the pricing models which are resulting from the revolution of digital media.

With the emergence of different channels of content delivery especially the smart phones and tablets and PCs alongwith the popularity which is increasing of the search engines and the platforms of social content , the impetus of growth in this particular sector is slowly shifting from the prints which are physical to content which is digital and are easily available through the web application or mobile applications to the ever-increasing demography of the consumer of digital media.


• Changing of the patterns of the content alongwith the multiple content formats as well as distribution of the multiple distribution of content.

• Delivering the best experiences for the customers in terms of advertising and content information.

• Engagement related to social communities.

• Hyper-competitive markets with the modes of distribution which is traditional.

• Legacy modes of delivery of content and applications which are outdated.