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Educational technology or Edutech is the study and practice of facilitating and improving learning through different technology. The edutech industry has seen significant growth in recent years. Vikas Kakwani, founder, AAS Vidyalaya, explores the scope and future of edutech industry for Elets News Network (ENN).

Just like we remember 1969 for the movie, ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ that defined the future of communications, or ‘1984’ as the book by George Orwell that gave us a glimpse of the ‘Big Brother’ which we know as ‘Internet’ today, 2018 will be remembered as a milestone year for Ed-tech a decade from now as this would be the year which would see all ducks coming in a line to revolutionize e-learning.


A lot has happened over the last decade or so in the effort to use technology as a medium to educate or train people however just like all ingredients are needed to make a perfect dish, all elements from devices, connectivity, products, marketing and content to tech-savvy teachers and willing to experiment students and parents are all in place to bring in a revolution to the way education is imparted and consumed.

Just like a mobile phone increased the connectivity exponentially from 3% that we achieved with landlines to almost 100% today, a smartphone is here to take the ‘computer’ penetration from 12-13% to around 60-70% in another couple years (Source: CISCO). E-learning will break out from the bondage of a computer or a laptop to being in everyone’s hands this year. 2017 saw the emergence of 4G, thanks to Jio, that gave everyone 1Gb 4G data every day for just Rs 10. Together with Micromax Bharat II, a 4G smartphone that sells for a paltry Rs 3500, one is all equipped to learn anytime anywhere. 5G testing will happen in India in 2018 which will open further doors to richer, more robust products. Broadband speed in India at 18.8 Mbps (Source: Ookla) while still has a long way to go, was the most improved in the world (76.9% increase over the previous year).


  • Competitive products
  • Pressure on operating margins
  • Rapidly evolving consumer buying behaviour & demand patterns for personalised products
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Regulatory compliance


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  • Responsive IT infrastructure to render a planned compliant system

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