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Citizens today demand greater government responsiveness, transparency and increased access to information, making it imperative for administrations across the globe to provide services promptly and in a cost-effective manner. INT enables government departments and agencies to provide next-generation governance service delivery by leveraging advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) across functions and departments.

INT’s sustainable e-governance solutions provide the flexibility of both Web and Mobile platform integration that ensures security, scalability, increased reach and ease-of-use for the masses. The results are reduced governance costs, streamlined operations and high level of governance efficiency.


  • Competitive products
  • Pressure on operating margins
  • Rapidly evolving consumer buying behaviour & demand patterns for personalised products
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Digital Banking for rich customer experience & retention
  • Responsive IT infrastructure to render a planned compliant system

Primacy Solution & Services

  • Content Management System(CMS) based multi-lingual Portal/Website development

  • Alert-based Monitoring & E-governance systems

  • GPS based tracking systems

  • Smart City solutions

  • Data conversion/ Migration support

  • Bespoke Web & Mobile Application Development