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Why hosting?

Odoo is not one of the normal software solutions or applications which can be downloaded and comes under the category of plug-in and play. However, it requires dedicated planning, development, implementation, and hosting for effectiveness in operation. The hosting of Odoo is available in various aspects based on the mode, medium, and edition of Odoo that you use. Odoo can be hosted online, in a cloud server, or on-premise server which can be chosen based on your needs.

Importance of choosing the best hosting

Odoo can be hosted in various forms based on the mode of an enterprise solution that you require for operations. It's important that you should be choosing the best Odoo hosting solution for your operations based on your requirements.

  • Hosting will depend on the performance of the platform and faster response times.
  • Choose a cost-efficient solution as the cost of hosting will be added to the pricing of Odoo.
  • Right hosting will add to the quality of support.
  • The right hosting provider will be able to upgrade the service as per the operational need.
Odoo hosting

Odoo Online

One of the primary and basic models of the Odoo enterprise edition can be fetched by hosting the platform online where you will subscribe using a subscription key.

SaaS Model

One of the main advantages of hosting online is the usage of the Odoo software in a SaaS(Software as a service) model. You need not worry about any maintenance-related issues and server problems that may arise as it is all taken care of by Odoo itself.

No server charges

There are no server subscription charges as it is being hosted online. All you need is internet connectivity and the Odoo subscription

No server maintenance charges

As there is no server or cloud involved unlike the other two hosting option there is no need for any maintenance as its all taken care of by Odoo itself

What holds it back?

Low Customization

As all the business will not be operational in a similar way there is the vitality of customization of the ERP to run the business operations. With the Studio application available in the platform you will be able to run the customization operations up to a minimum percentage and the major operations will run as per the standard which falls under one of the demerits of using the platform. Currently there are no further modes of customizing the platform.

  • Odoo ERP companySubscription Based
  • Odoo ERP hostingNo Maintenance
  • Odoo ERPMinimum Customization
  • Odoo implementationNo Database Access
  • Odoo ERP companyNo installation

Odoo Shared Server

One of the advanced and most used forms of Odoo with the operations capability to undergo full-fledged customization at the time of development. This model will be best helpful for organizations having a specific form of business operations.

Odoo itself is the provider

The server cloud service provided by Odoo itself as the service provider itself will know what is best for their product making it one of the prominently used hosting models. With this model, you will be able to craft and develop the platform as per your need as it supports full-fledged customization of the Odoo software.

Low downtime

The downtime on operations will be low as the development, maintenance, and modifications of the software can be run from the back end without disrupting the operations. Moreover, there will be a backup available for all the operations that are being described in your platform at the Odoo server.

Accessible in two forms: Dedicated server or shared server

The dedicated server is best suitable for business operations having more than 150+ internal users. However, you can use a shared server if you have a low number of internal users

  • Odoo implementation companyLow Downtime
  • Odoo hostingData Backup
  •  Odoo companyCustomization
  • Odoo service providerTop Quality Monitoring
  • Odoo ERP hostingIntegration with GitHub
  • Odoo ERPOnline Editor
  • Odoo implementationAutomated Testing
  • Odoo service providerBackup Servers
  • Odoo ERP hostingDatabase Replication
  • Odoo implementationE-mail Server
  • Odoo companyEasy Maintenance
  • Odoo ERP hosting99% error free operations

Local instances or Cloud-based hosting

You will be hosting the Odoo platform in a dedicated cloud server of your choice or a local server system implemented in your company premises. Helpful ineffective storage of the data as well as the developed platform.

Remote accessibility(Cloud-based hosting)

The cloud-based servers are accessible remotely if you have access to or a subscription to the server. Helpful for field services as well as remote operations.

Best suitable cloud services

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud-based
  • Remote accessibility
  • Third-party integration

On-Premise hosting

The servers are set up and maintained on-premises itself where Odoo will be hosted. A dedicated structure is suitable for large establishments for running in-house operations.

  • Local Installation
  • Customization
  • Third-party integration

Operating system

The Odoo platform can be hosted to be running in any of the operating system used computers, Laptops, or any other smart devices. Odoo operation is supported in:

Linux - Ubuntu

Odoo is best suited for operations with Linux-based Ubuntu however it can be operational in other Linux-based operating systems.

You should only choose to be operating your Odoo in Windows or Mac OS after considering the Odoo applications that you are to use for your business operations. This is because certain third-party applications used for business will require additional packages to be integrated with Odoo which may not be available for Windows and Mac OS.

ODOO Features


  • Website
  • Blog
  • E-commerce
  • Forum


  • Invoicing
  • Accounting


  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Point of Sale
  • Subscriptions


  • Employees
  • Expences
  • Recruitment
  • Appraisals


  • Project
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Purchase


  • Email Marketing
  • Expences
  • Recruitment
  • Appraisals



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