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Odoo License cost Explained

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Odoo has an easy licensing process that works well for all sizes of businesses. Whether you are a 5-person business or a 2000-person business, Odoo makes it easy for you so that you do not have to pay for features you do not use compared to other ERPs.

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Benefits of Odoo Licensing consultancy

In the growing scenario of Odoo, most of the business organisations are migrating to Odoo open ERP for its vast application and ease. Odoo licensing consultancies can provide you partners with right knowledge on the licensing rules and regulations of odoo. They will guide you to choose the versions of odoo that are best fit for your business organisation. The licensing is different for both community version and enterprise version. Community version is open while for enterprise,it is licenced. The applications provided by Odoo are either paid or free apps. Even Though there are concerns on modifying, reselling and creating closed apps, a partner with the right knowledge in AGPL, LGPLv3, MIT licenses can lead you to choose the right versions and applications needed to run your business smoothly and cost effectively. They can guide you for choosing only those applications that are exactly needed and good for your company's financial health at less cost and that cover the entire business operations as well.

Moreover, Odoo is open source there are some guidelines and rules regarding the odoo apps modification, reselling etc to be concerned. So Odoo Licensing consultancy can lead you to grow your business without making any legal issues on those odoo licensing policies and protects you from getting penalties on those violations.


Odoo Enterprise License

Odoo Enterprise Falls Under Version V1.0. Suppose, If You Don’t Have A Valid Subscription To This Version, You Can’t Execute, Modify Or Even Execute After Modifying The Odoo Enterprise Edition. The Only People Who Are Allowed To Make Any Modifications Or Executions Are Odoo Partners. It Is An Illegal Act To Distribute, Sell Or Sublicense The Odoo Enterprise Edition Or Its Modified Versions. If You’re A Subscriber, You Can Use Odoo Modules Along With The Odoo Enterprise Version, With Or Without The License.

Odoo Free App License

One Can Build New Free Apps In Both Enterprise And Community Versions. With Odoo Enterprise, You Can Use The Free Apps With Any License That Are Available On The Odoo App Store As Community Version Comes Under LGPL (Lesser General Public License), They Can Publish And Distribute Free Apps With Any License.

Odoo Community License

Odoo Community Falls Under The GNU Lesser GPL Version (LGPLv3) Acquired From GPL. It Is By Free Software Foundation Inc. Moving On To GPL, It Is The Most Conventional Version That Allows The License Owner To Use The Covered Software For Their Organization. The Scenario Changes A Bit In LGPL, As The License Owner Can Use The Software Along With The Same Privileges As In GPL.

Odoo Paid App License

One Can Use Odoo Paid App License For Paid Add-Ons Available On The App Store. If You Wish To Use Those Add-Ons, You Will Have To Buy Them Or Get A Written Document From The Author. It Is Illegal To Distribute, Sell Or Sublicense Them. But, You Can Use Them With The License As A Library And Also Import Features Without Taking Anything From The Add-Ons.


  • As an Odoo customer, you can choose Odoo Online (SAAS - no custom modules allowed) or Odoo SH (Odoo hosted solution with custom modules allowed) and self-hosted on the cloud. The latter is preferred if you have a lot of Cronjobs and integrated external APIs like EDI. At Confianz Global, we use AWS and Digital Ocean for our customers.
  • Odoo Community is 100% free and needs to be hosted on-premise or on the cloud-like AWS or Digital Ocean.
  • Odoo licensing costs can be paid monthly or yearly depending on where you host. The monthly option is available for Odoo SAAS and Odoo SH. If you are hosting on AWS or any other cloud data center, you have to pay the Odoo license cost yearly.
  • The Odoo license agreement gives you access to use Odoo unconditionally, as far as you do not add an unlicensed user or install an Odoo app that you did not pay for. The Odoo licensing system sends a ping to the Odoo licensing server frequently and if it detects an unpaid user or app, it will immediately show an alert to the administrator along with a Purchase Order to pay for the newly installed app or license that has been utilized. This additional cost is prorated to make it a seamless billing. You will also see a notification when you log in to your Odoo saying your database will expire in x number of days because of unpaid licenses or apps being installed.
  • It is very important that you pay for the difference or uninstall the unused app or remove the extra user. If your database is locked, it will create delays in your day-to-day business activities using Odoo.
  • The Odoo Enterprise agreement is non-transferable, meaning if you bought the licenses for your business, you cannot transfer this license or sell it to another company.

ODOO Features


  • Website
  • Blog
  • E-commerce
  • Forum


  • Invoicing
  • Accounting


  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Point of Sale
  • Subscriptions


  • Employees
  • Expences
  • Recruitment
  • Appraisals


  • Project
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Purchase


  • Email Marketing
  • Expences
  • Recruitment
  • Appraisals



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