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Primacy Infotech has come up with an advanced solution for IP lawyers to manage copyright laws more easily with its advanced administrative software. Our system streamlines the entire workflow process for copyright portfolios. IP lawyers ensure efficient allocation of deadlines for important dates like hearings, filings and submissions, seamless correspondence management, document docketing, and timely reminders. Our user-friendly interface revolutionises the offices of IP attorneys and copyright agents, with paperless times for improved productivity and organisation. This copyright software is specially designed for copyright attorneys and agents, Primacy Infotech works seamlessly between IP law firms and users and offers our platform for multiple access, ensuring privacy and enhancing collaboration on a single, centralised platform.

Our Erp Key Features:

Copyright Management System

A true and complete Copyright Management Software

Document Management

Document Management System for paperless management

Clients & Associate Management

Clients and associates with multiple contacts per client

Case Management

Manage all your copyright cases in a systematic manner


Advanced reporting with state-of-the art search features

Task Management with Reminders

Tasks with reminders and Outlook/Google integration