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Odoo migration services


  • Odoo migration from legacy systems to Odoo ERP
  • Data migration from other ERPs to Odoo
  • Data migration from disconnected multiple apps to Odoo ERP
  • Data migration from older version of Odoo to current stable version
  • Data migration from Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise

Why is Odoo Migration necessary?

  • Are you still using legacy systems to maintain your business data?
  • Do you want to move to a next-gen, cloud-native system?
  • Is your current ERP system really paying off?
  • Is your current Odoo ERP version sufficient for your business growth?

If your ERP system has become high maintenance, limits your flexibility, or inhibits customer service, then migration is the only answer.

It is true that migrating and cleaning up ERP data can be costly, but it is worthwhile if performed meticulously.

If you are using Odoo or are planning to switch to Odoo, ERP migration and upgradation are inevitable factors as Odoo releases new versions yearly.

Migrate Your Website

With An Experience Of Can Handle Any Type Of Odoo Migration. We Ensure To Keep All Your Data Secured During The Migration. There Are Various Process Such As Data Odoo migration service From Legacy ERP And Community To Enterprise Odoo migration service.

Odoo ERP migration
Odoo ERP migration service

Data Migration

The existing data migration is another chapter of the  Odoo migration service which needs to be dealt with care. The existing data should be configurable with the new applications and the platform. In addition, the tables should be modified, mapped, and imported to be suitable to operate in the new version.

Migration Testing

Even if all the modifications in the applications and the data available are done there is the ultimate need for sophisticated testing to be done under extreme circumstances to showcase the durability and the reliability of the new platform. The quality checks should be conducted on the performance and usability factors.

Odoo migration
Odoo data migration

Importance of Migration

The Odoo migration allows the users to upgrade to the new version of Odoo which is better, faster, and more reliable than the previous one. Odoo is a management software that keeps on updating with new versions, inculcating advanced operations. and adding new features that will help to run the business more effectively. Therefore this would be beneficial for the user as it will improve the productivity of the company. In addition the migration will result in less time consumption Odoo operations, simplification in operations terminologies, and additionally with integration from the advancement in the company operations.

Why choose Odoo Migration?

Performed 50+ migration projects
Prioritizing the safety and security of your data
Ensuring minimum downtime during migration
Odoo migration services company
Certified and seasoned Odoo professionals
Perform quality checks and testing to rectify errors


1. Migration Assessment and Assistance
  • For the Enterprise Version and Odoo Online, have you discussed with Odoo Support for migration?
  • How much data do you need in the newer version?
  • Do you have any module customizations?
  • Do you have any studio customizations?
2. Estimation Phase
  • Check the custom modules and see if this is available at Odoo apps in newer versions.
  • What is the expected "Go Live" date?
  • Discuss Maintenance Window as per database size.
3. Pre-Migration Checklist
  • Install/Import Modules
  • Check the product database size.
  • Check for custom add-ons
  • Check if the studio customizations are compatible with the newer version
5. System Configuration
  • User and its access rights
  • Company Property
  • Report Layout
  • Mail Templates
4. Migration Implementation
  • Choosing Migration Methods
    • Open upgrade
    • Manual Script
  • Mock Migration:
    • Go live with the testing server
    • Testing
    • Client feedback
  • Live release:
    • Amendments as per mockup release feedback
    • Schedule date and time for Go Live
    • Add real-time testing in the production database
    • Taking database backup once significant data is imported
    • Internal QA
    • Partner/Customer Review
    • Feedback

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