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Odoo Integration services

Odoo integration the solution moves ahead with your Odoo platform as well as the unique tools which support your business operations. However, ERP Integration should be done with the right expertise Primacy Infotech is your trustful expert. Primacy Infotech the top of the charts among Odoo partners offering impeccable solutions and Odoo services.

Odoo ERP Integration Services

Odoo is known for its resourcefulness and flexibility, which benefits users wanting to manage
various functions on a different app, software, or platform.

Payment Gateway Integration

Whether you need point of sale (POS) software integration or payment integration for an eCommerce site, Confianz Global is able to configure payment gateways that let customers pay you in their currency. This comes with a variety of security options so customers know they can make payments securely and reliably.


An American multinational Financial technology company offering payment terminologies for operations used worldwide for both personal as well as business operations.  PayPal helps your business to reach a newer customer base and ease in accepting as well as receiving payments.


Paytm integration will provide a suitable digital payment system for business owners in accepting as well as providing for e-commerce and finances.


Helps you to provide as well as receive payments through immediate bank transfers through a distinctive payment gateway and with Odoo ERP Integration you will be able to generate and receive payments easily.

Wallet Doc

With Odoo Wallet Doc integration you will be able to run Automate & secure recurring card payments which will be especially beneficial for the subscription product and service sales of your company.

Wi Pay

Wi Pay is a Caribbean-based online payment gateway provider upon integration with ERP you will be able to run peer-to-peer transfers and click-to-pay invoicing for Caribbean e-commerce websites for a fee.

Open pay Payment Gateway

Odoo Openpay integration provide multiple payment options to customers during checkoout. Payment options incluse credit and debit card and interbank transfers.
Odoo integration Social Media

Connect with a larger customer base with the Odoo Integration with your organization's social media accounts. This integration will help you to run the followers of your business on social media into valuable clients. Moreover, this Integration will serve you with the Social media marketing tool which costs low and has a wider customer reach irresp[ecstive of the physical barrier. With the Odoo integration with your social media accounts, you can craft and optimize marketing campaigns and promotional events to attract more customers to your business all from the same Odoo platform that you hold.


Odoo Facebook Integration served as the marketing and promotional tool for your company allowing you to post advertisements and promotions on your companies Facebook page directly from Odoo.


Odoo Whatsapp integration will let you send out notification messages to your client's phones about the various aspects of the business. It can be used among employee management operations as well.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger will serve as an effective public relationship management platform of the company and with direct Odoo Integration, it will be easier for your business to reach your customers.


Odoo Instagram Integration will help you with the promotion of your business with Instagram-worthy pictures of your products and services helping you to your business first in the competition.

Linked In

With Odoo Linked In integration, you will be able to connect with all the job seekers helping you choose the best form of the talents available based on your need. Further, the LinkedIn integration will also help with the marketing and promotional operations of the company.


Tweet your marketing aspects straight away from your Odoo platform with the Odoo Twitter Integration helping you to stay ahead in the trends of the business.

Text Message Service Providers

Text messages have always been the tool that supports the process of instant information sharing and notification. Although the impact of text messages and messaging services have been depreciated over the years due to the development of various social media tools and solutions, it is still being used as instant messaging solutions by companies across the world. Odoo ERP integration with different text messaging services will pave the way for the alerts as well as notifications to customers as well as employees of the company in regards to the business operation.


Msg91 is a Cloud Communication platform that is Secure and Robust sending out text messages instantly and its integration with the Odoo ERP will be helpful in instant messaging.

Mobily SMS

The Odoo ERP integration with Mobily SMS will help your business to send out bulk SMS to customers, this will be helpful in the conduction of SMS marketing campaigns of your company.


The Way2SMS is India's leading SMS service tool used by businesses to send out bulk as well as individual text messages to customers and its Integration with Odoo ERP will pave the way for sending out SMS directly from the platform for your business needs.

Bulk SMS

With Odoo integration with Bulk SMS, you will be able to send text messages in bulk and receive them using a dignified web portal helpful in sending out Offers, OTPs, Files, links, and much more directly from your Odoo platform.


The leading SMS Gateway & MMS Software Gateway developer for mobile messaging prominently in the African region will be helpful for business operation in the continent.


Send text messages from any device which will support your business operations both in promotion as well as marketing. The Odoo integration with ClickSend will let you send text messages directly from the platform.

Odoo Biomteric Integration

Companies use biometric apps to fulfill HR functions such as time stamping and keeping track of staff attendance and vacation time. You can integrate your existing biometric app into Odoo for even more transparency across the company.

Biometric devices integration

Biometric devices simplify the functioning of certain routine activities in a company such as attendance registering, security authorization to a particular room or device, and many more. The Odoo ERP sports the Integration services with biometric devices which helps in the simplification process of a business.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. Integrating QuickBooks with Odoo streamlines your accounting and invoicing functions.


Tally is an accounting and inventory software system that can be integrated with Odoo to improve your business processes.

Open Office

A lot of businesses like using OpenOffice for creating documents, building presentations, managing spreadsheets, and accessing graphics and databases. With Odoo integration, you can improve your reports plus get the benefits of Odoo’s creative studio.

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